Shelby, Matthew & Owen

Ladies and gents, this just may be my MOST favourite session EVER! (K, I say that a lot, but this time I really mean it!)
Shelby showed up with less than a care in the world. She had zero expectations and told me to just do my thing. I chose outfits for them and provided Shelby with one of the dresses from my collection. Matthew was just as relaxed as Shelby, and baby Owen barely made a peep! 
The session was 100% as relaxed as the photos make it look. We walked, we talked, we snuggled.. (Well, THEY snuggled, not me! lol).  I don't put a lot of pressure on my clients to pose and look perfect. I'd rather see their hair blowing in the wind and a relaxed, authentic snuggle. We even took advantage of Owen needing to nurse during the session and made the cutest photos ever from it! 
It was super windy and overcast which was absolutely perfect, and my favourite conditions to shoot in. The weather brought so much drama and power to the photos. I'm only now realizing how much I love shooting in dramatic conditions. 

I want to re-do this session 100 more times. This picture perfect trio will continue to inspire me for future photoshoots for years to come, I'm sure.