All of my appointments are booked at least one month in advance. We need this prep time to find a location, plan outfits, and go over the details of your session, what you're looking for from a session, and even discuss any fears of insecurities you may have. 

All sessions MUST be booked with a $50 deposit.  Sessions can be shot in my personal studio, or in a location of your choice. AirBNB's offer a really great selection of beautiful places, and if you decide to rent one, you'll get to keep it for the night! (Romantic evening with your lover, so you can flaunt your new confidence?) 

My studio location is at 311 Abbott's Harbour Road, West Pubnico. Turn right at the road by the Credit Union bank, drive straight down the road or about 1KM, until you reach the sharp corner. The studio driveway is on your left, and the studio is located in the upstairs of the barn.