First let me tell you, I'm so glad you've decided to at least think about having a boudoir session done! I believe strongly that a woman's sexuality is so stifled, so suppressed and controlled by media, society, and even our own expectations of ourselves, that we struggle to realize that our bodies belong to US. We possess this beautiful prowess, this side of ourselves that is so liberating to embrace... and yet, we're shamed by people in our lives each time we do.  


Boudoir photography is a beautiful catalyst for change in a woman's life. This is the beginning of a journey for you: the journey to acceptance of your body, exactly how it is now. The journey to acceptance of your sexuality and the divine feminine energy within you. 

This isn't a photoshoot; this is a game changer.

Danica had this to say after her session:

I thought that my boudoir shoot would be a gift for my boyfriend, but it turned out to be a huge gift to myself.

Jade is friendly, charismatic and funny, and she has a special way about her that makes you feel like you are the most beautiful woman in the world. I never had to worry about what to do with my body in each shot, as Jade told me exactly how to pose, where to look, and even what expressions I should have on my face. Jade is an absolute goddess with the camera. She knows the angles, the best one-liners to make you laugh for a natural smile that photographs perfectly, and knows just how to make the experience one you will never, ever forget. I am beyond impressed with each and every one of my photos, the quality and quantity! I can’t wait to book more shoots. Thank you Jade, for allowing me to appreciate all of the beauty that lies within me. A happy Boudoir client.
— Danica

I know you have a lot of questions, and there are some specific things I want you to know:

First off: No, you don't need to lose OR gain weight to do this. You are perfect exactly how you are. Curvy, skinny, whatever. You are powerful and sexy and ready to own your body, and I PROMISE you'll be shocked by the results. 

Secondly: Posing you is MY responsibility. You are never, ever expected to come prepared with ideas or poses, (although you're welcome to!). I pose you from head to toe and coach you on breathing, facial expressions, etc. 

Third: A proper fitting wardrobe is one of the most important parts. I have a good selection on hand for medium/large body types, but I can't guarantee I'll have pieces to fit you, so you need to be ready to invest in  lingerie that fits right. The fit needs to be flattering on you and you need to feel good about yourself in it. You NEED to be willing to do the work, and spend the money, to get the right pieces for YOU. I suggest a shopping trip where you enlist the help of one of the sales people and maybe a friend! 

and finally: Hair and Makeup are not included, as I find most people prefer to go to someone they trust, rather than a stylist or makeup artist I pick. I do keep a list of people I recommend, though! 

Hair: Chelsea Thibodeau (Yarmouth) , Joanna Goreham (Woods Harbour), Paige Walsh (Pubnico/Yarmouth) Crystal Shand (Yarmouth), Kayla Forbes (Barrington) Adele Nickerson (Cape Sable Island) Jenny Goreham (Woods Harbour)

Makeup: Jenny Goreham (Woods Harbour) Dianne Deveau (Meteghan) Katrina Foster (Barrington) Heidi Fleming (Annapolis Valley)  Desiree Couillard (Yarmouth).

A note about location: I have a studio we are able to use, however if you wish to use your own house or location of your choice, that's doable too! AirBNB's are also a great choice as well, as many are decorated well with lots of great lighting and clients can use them for a romantic evening with their partner after the session! (Any additional costs associated with alternate locations are the responsibility of the client).


So, how much does it cost?

Boudoir sessions are $599. That cost covers the time spent shooting and editing, as well as the final images delivered to you via a private, password protected online gallery. You’ll also have access to my lingerie collection, however sizing can be limited.

Okay, I'm ready to book. How do we do this?

Bookings need to be confirmed with a deposit of $100. These are non-refundable, but are deducted from the final cost of the session. So, $100 today to book your appointment, and $499 due either 24 hours before your session (if you're paying by email transfer) or cash on the day of the session. 

Finally, when you're ready and we have discussed a date that works for us both, you can email a deposit to and begin planning for your session!