Jade Malone Photography
Boudoir Prep Guide



Thank you for allowing me the honour of photographing you. Let's start by clarifying: you are a QUEEN and you are going to own this session! I know you're feeling a little anxious, excited and probably just a bit terrified, but I promise we are going to make magic together! This prep guide is designed to alleviate some of the mystery behind boudoir sessions, and hopefully leave you feeling well prepared!

I have been photographing boudoir for over 3 years now, working with women JUST like you to help show them that their sexuality is like having a magical power. Feeling sexy helps you feel strong and confident in almost every area of life. Confidence radiates through you, and walking with your head held high makes everyone think: "What's her secret?!" Feeling sexy is empowering, not shameful like so many would have you believe.

Women are SO beautiful at ANY age, any size, and at any stage of life. I love being able to encourage women to pamper themselves, and there's no better feeling to me then being able to show someone their images, and have them say "Oh my gosh, I can't believe that's me!"

I promise, it's you. I work with natural light, shadows, angles, flattering lingerie and posing to help flatter you, and have a personal commitment to NOT warp the shape of your body in photoshop.