Workshops and Mentoring - COMING SOON!

Looking to build a stronger skill set? These workshops are for you! 

Capturing Hearts Family Photography Workshop

Looking to increase your bookings? Improve your workflow? Run smoother sessions? This extremely practical workshop is FULL of advice on everything from identifying and landing your ideal client, prepping clients for a flawless photoshoot, to  processing cohesion and troubleshooting tricky lighting situations.


One-on-one mentoring

As your mentor, together we'll go over your portfolio with a fine-tooth comb, identify the areas you need to strengthen, and set a clear, attainable list of goals.  Mentorship consists of Bi-Weekly meetings (online, in person, or by phone), for a period of 3 months, and can include everything from setting financial goals to building a website. You will also receive one of my workshops free!


Practical Posing

My practical posing guide offers to-the-point, clear advice on how to confidently pose your clients. Nowhere in this workshop will you hear "listen to your heart" or "find your creative voice", This workshop is about YOU being able to fully understand how to consistently create poses that flatter body types and are pleasing to the eye!