Workshops and Mentoring

Looking to build a stronger skill set? These workshops are for you! 

Capturing Hearts Family Photography Workshop

Looking to increase your bookings? Improve your workflow? Run smoother sessions? This extremely practical workshop is FULL of advice on everything from identifying and landing your ideal client, prepping clients for a flawless photoshoot, to  processing cohesion and troubleshooting tricky lighting situations.


One-on-one Weekend mentoring

As your mentor, together we'll go over your portfolio with a fine-tooth comb, identify the areas you need to strengthen, and set a clear, attainable list of goals. I devote an entire weekend to you (Or whatever 48 hour period works best for you!) and we spend one full day shooting (With some classroom time if we need to work on understanding!) and one day editing, with help understanding histograms, color theory and anything else you need to know!  


Digital Products

Each year, I design my own personal meal planners. Since I only plan our evening meal, I rarely find one online that suits my our family’s needs. This year, I’m giving my design away FREE! Download one or both, print and enjoy!