Preparing for Your Session


Obviously the most important thing here is what a queen wears!

Picking your outfits is no simple process, but I don't want you to stress. I want you to have fun and remember that not everything is going to be flattering on you. EVERYONE has a different body type- we just need to find what really, really works for you! I want you to do your work to find just the right outfits for you. Find something you feel amazing in.

You're going to need 3 outfits: 

  • A Starter Outfit: This is your little black dress type outfit. Something that covers you, gives you a bit of a warmup phase. It doesn't actually need to be a little black dress- it can be a nice chunky knit sweater, your spouse's button-up shirt, a body-suit, or even a blanket to wrap up in! 
  • One set of matching/coordinating bra and panties: Or something else that's kind of "cute". A simple baby-doll lingerie piece, an athletic bra/panties set... or a batman t-shirt with marijuana socks? (see above queen! lol)  Please make sure your bras are a good fit!
  • Some "naughty" lingerie: This is your sexy stuff that normally only a romantic partner would see. Corsets, fishnets, thongs, stilettos, thigh-high boots... 
  • Your fourth option, if you so choose, is to go nude. There is NEVER any pressure to do this, I work with your comfort level! However, I do encourage you to give it a try if you're feeling comfortable and good about your session! Remember, these images are NEVER seen by anyone else besides you and I, and whoever YOU choose to show. We don't need to photograph nipples or your lower half at all if you don't want- we can use creative ways to cover you up, or you can strut your stuff! :)

I also encourage at least one pair of killer heels! The sexiest heels you can get your hands on... the higher, the better! However, I understand that many people really hate heels, so I don't force them on anyone! ;-) 

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Makeup: I really, really encourage people to have their makeup done professionally. If you're not a makeup wearer, then please don't worry. I've done sessions for people with absolutely no makeup more than once, however if you want makeup and aren't well versed in doing it yourself, then please invest in a professional! Often times I have people who just get their friend to do makeup, and equally as often they end up hating their makeup, stressing, scrubbing it off, and going without makeup. The BEST makeup girl I know (Yarmouth Area) is Marcia Cook. Not only does she provide fantastic airbrush makeup, she also pumps up my clients for their sessions and gets them so excited!  Dianne Deveau is also very good at light, natural looking makeup if you're someone who doesn't wear much makeup but wants it for the photoshoot. 
Hair: Please arrive with clean hair (washed within the last 24-48 hours) Style it loosely and don't worry about making a hair appointment, as we're likely going to mess it up by moving it around anyway. Easy on the hair spray! ;-)

As far as grooming goes, I only have one rule: NO FAKE TANNING OF ANY KIND! You will be orange in your photos! Remember that it's very difficult for me to remove tan lines as well, so be vigilant with sunscreen. If you arrive with a sunburn or dark tan lines, I photograph it as-is. If you ask me to remove it, I can give it my best shot- but I have to charge extra as it's very time consuming. 

Hair Removal: If you're someone who shaves, then be sure to shave 24 hours before to reduce the appearance of any razor burn. Waxing should be done at least 24 hours prior to an appointment as well, unless you're extra sensitive, in which case make sure it's 48 hours before. If you're an au natural type of girl who prefers to let body hair grow, then that's A-OK too, just remember that body hair will likely show up in your photos, so it's according to what you want for your photos.