Your precious new bundle is here! Time to commemorate this occasion with baby’s first photoshoot!
Thank you so much for chosing to share this special time in your live’s with me. I truly, deeply appreciate your business and look forward to getting to know you, your new baby, and hopefully forming a lasting friendship with you!

Now, let’s get down to business!

The most important thing for you to understand is that baby NEEDS to be kept awake prior to the session. This is absolutely vital to the success of the session. 



Sessions begin at 10AM, and for the best results, baby should be awake from at least 8AM until the time of the session. Often they fall asleep on the drive to the studio, so if you live very far away, it’s best to try and keep them up from 7AM onward.
I know this can be difficult, so I suggest having a grandparent, aunt/uncle, friend or someone you trust to come over in the morning and help keep baby awake while you catch some sleep, shower, or get ready for the session.

I can always, always tell who tries to keep baby awake and who doesn’t! The babies who sleep better for me end up with, on average, 20 photos more from their sessions. 

If you’re struggling to keep baby awake, often bathing them will help wake them up! Just do your best! 


I’ll need you to be willing to nurse/bottlefeed off and on, as baby needs you. My studio is a very breastfeeding friendly place! My assistant and I are happy to leave you to relax with baby on the couch or bed while we hang out and plan our next set-up.
Pacifiers tend to be very beneficial to sessions, however I understand that not every parent approves of soother use, so it’s completely up to you! If you are a soother user, the best brand to bring to the session is the soft, green “soothie” kind that you can find at walmart. (Green only! The other colors are stiffer and made for older babies!)   I keep pre-sterilized soothie's on hand for parents who don't have soothers, but are okay with using one for a session. Again, this is always YOUR choice. 


Parents & Siblings

My goal when photographing parents and siblings is to show connection. The best way to do that is to get some skin-to-skin contact showing. I encourage plain black or white tank tops for mom, and black or white polo/v-neck shirts for dad (Or, if Dad wants, shirtless is a great option, especially if he's fit! ) You’ll be photographed from the wasit up, so wear whatever pants you’re comfortable in.

Moms- nail polish is a no-no! A plain french manicure is fine, but bright colors will be distracting in your images. 

I am well versed in posing and promise to flatter you! New moms are often very self-conscious about having extra weight. Please don’t let this deter you from being photographed with your baby! In twenty years, these photos will hold so much sentimental value for your children.

Sibling shots take a lot of planning.
First, we need to give your child an age-appropriate pep talk. Older children are often easy to work with.. but children 3 and younger can be quite difficult. This is a time of BIG change in their lives, and they're often out of sorts. For a couple of days before the session, it’s good to mention and act excited about how much FUN pictures will be! Be sure to tell them what a good job they're doing being a big brother or sister!
Please avoid giving your children brightly colored juices before their photos, as the dreaded juice mustache is nearly impossible to edit out!
Also, we want them to be calm, so sugary treats are best saved for a reward given to them after they cooperate for their photos
Plain jeans and white tank tops are best for both girls and boys! We don’t want their clothing to distract from their cute little faces! 

If possible, it’s a good idea to have someone available to take your older children somewhere after they’re done getting their photos. Sessions tend to run up to 4 hours long, and children easily get bored, restless and hungry. You'll definitely want to bring a change of clothes for yourself and children. Because photos are done with baby being nude, the likelihood that baby will pee (or worse!) on you is pretty high!  My assistant and I generally get the worst of it, but the little buggers seem to enjoy getting mom and dad too ;-) 

Additional Info:

You may also want to bring food for yourself. We often work right through lunch, and if you’re nursing, you’re likely to be quite hungry! If baby is fed and happy, you're free to skip out on us and go pick up some lunch. There's a cafe about a 4 minute drive from the studio. 

Another thing worth mentioning, is that if you’re struggling to nurse, my assistant and I are both experienced and can offer some support if need be!  Together we have helped many new moms adjust to nursing and are big supporters of the laid back, natural nursing position.

 It is my hope that you will feel comfortable and at-home in my studio. We’re not just here to get great photos, we’re here to help ease you in to this challenging new role! 

The studio is located at 311 Abbott's Harbour Rd, West Pubnico.



The best form of advertising for me is word of mouth, so if you’re happy with your final product, then please tell your friends! A true testimony of your thoughts and feelings about your images really does wonders for my business and I appreciate every kind word. 

If you have any additional questions or concerns, you can contact me by
phone, text, or facebook! My phone number is 902-653-0785, and my
facebook page is www.facebook.com/jademalonephotography