Session Day


I ask everyone to avoid wheat and dairy on the day of your session, and if you find yourself sensitive to either of those, maybe try avoiding it for up to 72 hours prior to your session. Wheat and dairy are both HUGE causes of bloat, and regardless of your actual physical size, NOBODY feels sexy when they're bloated. Feeling bloated will seriously cramp your style and probably leave you feeling insecure in your lingerie. Stick to plant based foods and lean protein on session day, or even a few days before if you're extra ambitious. 

I also ask that you up your water intake about 72 hours before your session, as this will help give your skin an extra bit of glow. If you want to take it even a step further- try adding a healthy fat to your diet. Avocado, olives or olive oil, nuts, seeds, salmon etc..  This is of course for the ambitious types, and not at all a requirement.


Get a good Night's Sleep

Aim for a solid 8 hours.

Day Drinking is totally Encouraged!

If you're someone who has a hard time relaxing in front of a camera, let me know... I'll bring the wine! ;-) 

Have your final payment ready

If you prefer to pay by Etransfer, I ask that you do so 24 hours before your session. Otherwise, cash is fine on the day of the session.

Loose fitting clothing!

Please arrive wearing very loose clothing that's not going to leave elastic imprints in your skin!


If you have dry, flaky skin on any parts of your body.

Arrive On Time

Remember that arriving more than 20 minutes late means losing some of your session time. 


Finally, RELAX!!

Remember that nobody is born a model! As a photographer, it's my job to show you how to pose, it's MY job to find your best angle, and it's MY job to make sure you're looking your absolute BEST. Trust me, and trust the process. I'll be showing you in GREAT detail how to pose, you'll hear me say things like "Chin up", "Curve that booty out!", or "Take and deep breath and exhale through your mouth" about 1000 times each, so please don't stress or worry about not knowing how to be a model naturally!