Feminism isn’t about making women stronger. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.
— G.D. Anderson


I am an intimate portraiture artist. Have you ever thought about the word portraiture? It literally means how we portray someone. How do you think people see you? do they see you how you see yourself? 

I offer Intimate Portraiture to the woman who is ready- Ready to embrace the uniqueness of her own body. Ready to see herself the way her lovers see her. Ready to finally exhale the negative. Ready to take control and say "I love myself!"

Women are amazing, intimate, loving, caring, strong, bold, smart, beautiful and yes...sexual. For centuries, the sexuality of a woman has been policed. Historically, while men were allowed to take dozens of wives, a woman could be stoned to death for simply looking at another man. Even today, men are portrayed as more valuable or desirable for sleeping with so many women, while women  face social firing squad, and are portrayed as "whores" for the exact same thing. We're always being told we need to be portrayed as beautiful and sexy to be valued, but then we're punished it. There is no middle ground. 

Intimate portraiture is a soulful experience like no other. Be ready to see your true self. The strong you, the smart you, the brave and bold you. The YOU that I see, because there's nothing more powerful than a woman who is ready to portray herself as "fucking amazing."